How will Vastu affect the pooja room?

Pooja room can be located anywhere except the toilet

bathroom and utility room next to it. In multi-
 storeyed buildings, if there is a bathroom or toilet above or below the house, there should be no worship room. The simple reason for this is that, after other rituals in the worship room, lighting the lamps, offering flowers to the Lord and burning camphor or fragrance incense can create positive energy. Through prayer, one can activate Ajna Chakra for knowledge and intelligence and Sahasra Chakra which is close to God, for enlightenment.
How will Vastu affect the pooja room?

If the pooja room is near the bathroom or toilet, it can generate maximum negative energy and there is a possibility of deteriorating the existing balance of the atmosphere. It is important for a person to understand two ways to have or generate positive energy in the home. Saral Vastu provides an easy and scientific solution to this problem.

How to generate positive energy in the house with the help of Vastu for Puja room?
People take great importance to keep the flowers and leaves taken from the feet of gods and goddesses to protect them from harm. On festive days, people decorate their homes with ornaments of flowers and leaves, garlands, bouquets, and flower ornaments.

Water is a very important component of the flow of positive energy in households. The sound of water flowing in a very natural and subtle way indicates a sign of 'peace and harmony' in life.


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